Action Plan - CDBG-MIT

Comment Period

4th Amendment to the CDBG-MIT Action Plan (Substantial): Draft for public comments

Draft for public comments from May 2 to June 1, 2024.
Posted on 05/02/2024

    CDBG-MIT Action Plan

    Action Plan - CDBG-MIT

    3rd Amendment to the CDBG-MIT Action Plan (Substantial):
    Effective on April 11, 2024

    The Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) is responsible for administering CDBG-MIT funds to carry out strategic and high-impact activities to mitigate disaster risks and reduce future losses. PRDOH developed an Action Plan to describe the use of the CDBG-MIT funds and how the mitigation needs from the housing, planning, and infrastructure sectors in Puerto Rico will be addressed.

    This are subject to several amendments throughout the life of the grant to capture programmatic changes, reallocation of funds, and updates to the mitigation needs, as appropriate. The current approved version of the Action Plan and its appendices are available for view on this page.

    Frequent Asked Questions

    The Action Plan is a document that defines the effects of a disaster and how these will be addressed or how the impact of future disasters will be mitigated. The Action Plan includes a needs assessment, community and stakeholder engagement, and identification of activities that the Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) will carry out under the recovery or mitigation program. The action plans also detail the funding amounts and subrecipients that will collaborate with implementation.

    To maintain full transparency of information on the disbursement of federal CDBG-DR/MIT funds, the Action Plans are available to the public on the web page:

    Each allocation of CDBG-DR/MIT funds has a different Action Plan. Accordingly, the approval publication date varies from one allocation to another.

    The Action Plan is published after being approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). However, action plans may be amended based on federal changes or programmatic needs.

    Approval dates:

    • Initial Action Plan for CDBG-DR for the use of funds in response to 2017 Hurricanes Irma and María – July 29, 2018
    • Initial Action Plan for CDBG-MIT – April 19, 2021
    • Initial Action Plan for CDBG-DR for the Electrical Systems Enhancements – March 25, 2022
    • Initial Action Plan CDBG-DR in response to 2019-2020 Earthquakes and Isaías Storm 2020 – September 23, 2021

    The Action Plan brings together the strategies to be employed by PRDOH to promote the Island’s recovery through the implementation of various programs. Through the Action Plan, the Government of Puerto Rico directs the implementation of activities using CDBG-DR/MIT funds to mainly support recovery, mitigation, reconstruction, economic revitalization, and housing development initiatives.

    A substantial amendment is defined as an amendment that contemplates one (1) or more of the following elements:

    • A change in a program benefit or a program’s eligibility criteria;
    • The addition or removal of an activity; and
    • The allocation or reallocation of a percent of the grant funds. In the case of CDBG-DR (Hurricanes Irma and María), CDBG-MIT, and CDBG-DR (2019-2020 Earthquakes and Tropical Storm Isaías) allocations, it is ten percent (10%). However, for the allocation of CDBG-DR funds for Electrical System Enhancements and Improvements, it is twenty-five percent (25%).

    The nonsubstantial amendments are any other changes that do not meet the criteria for substantial amendments.

    Before adopting the initial Action Plan for any grant or any substantial amendment to the Action Plan, the plan or proposed amendment must be published. The plan or amendment proposed after HUD approval represents a draft.

    The Action Plan draft must be submitted to HUD for review and approval. HUD will review each Action Plan within the established period of time.

    Before PRDOH adopts the initial Action Plan for any grant or any substantial amendment to the Action Plan, it must publish the proposed plan or amendment and afford citizens, affected local governments, and other interested parties a reasonable opportunity to examine the plan or amendment’s contents. This period of time is known as the public comment period.

    After the publication of the Action Plan, PRDOH must provide no less than thirty (30) calendar days for receiving comments on the plan or substantial amendment.

    To ensure access to CDBG-DR/MIT funds for a broad range of citizens, PRDOH offers multiple methods for commenting on an Action Plan or substantial amendment.

    During the established period, comments will be accepted through the website, postal mail, email, and by telephone. The announcement regarding the comment period for each Action Plan or substantial amendment will contain specific allocation information.

    Strikethrough text in an Action Plan amendment represents information that has been removed from the document.

    The text highlighted in gray in an Action Plan amendment represents changes and new information included in the document.