Davis Bacon Forms

Subrecipient Davis Bacon Checklists

The templates in this packet contain the checklists to accompany the DB subrecipient handbook.

Conformance Requests

All contractors working on CDBG-DR funded projects must submit copies of their conformance requests Form SF 1444 to Department of Labor for their projects here as part of the compliance with Davis Bacon.

Construction Employee Onsite Interviews

All contractors working on CDBG-DR funded projects where DBRA is applicable or local ordinances are applicable should complete employee interviews as part of the compliance processes including those with DBRA. You may use the HUD 11 form in English or Spanish and once completed, fill out the form to submit your completed interview. You must enter 1 interview at a time.

Form HUD 4710 Biannual Report to the DOL

Subrecipients are expected share copies of their submitted biannual HUD 4710 reports to DOL with PRDOH.

Reports are submitted to DOL for construction contracting activity from:

  • October thru March and;
  • April thru September.

Complete the form and send copy to the DOL with this link:DocuSign

Tutorial on how to submit on DocuSign

Submit a copy of the form HUD 4717 to PRDOH: Here

Procurement Package Checklists

The templates in this packet contain various checklists to be used by the team assembling and reviewing during the adquisition process. Please note that within the package there is a master checklist which makes reference to the other checklists contained within.

HUD 4010 Form

It is the responsibility of the Subrecipients, Contractors and subcontractors to incorporate the provisions of the labor standards as part of the language in the contracting of construction services to add compliance with DBRA HUD 4010 Form. (Official version by HUD).