Reasonable Accommodations

Federally funded programs such as the PRDOH CDBG-DR Program are required to make reasonable accommodations and modifications (RA/RM) for individuals with disabilities to avoid discrimination and ensure these individuals have an equal opportunity to access and enjoy the benefits of the Program. Requests for accommodations (changes to a rule, policy, practice, or service) and reasonable modifications (structural changes to a building or dwelling) most commonly arise in housing programs, however Section 504 applies to all federally funded programs and activities.

Any person with disability-related needs may submit a request for accommodation or modification to PRDOH, subrecipients, or contractors involved in the implementation of CDBG-DR programs. PRDOH has established the Reasonable Accommodation Policy to guide individuals on how to submit a non-employment related request, and instruct PRDOH employees, subrecipients, and contractors on how to receive and evaluate reasonable accommodation and modification requests.

Any employment-related reasonable accommodation request should be directed to the individual’s employer.

Submitting a Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request

Individuals who want to request a reasonable accommodation or modification request may use the Reasonable Accommodation Request Form. CDBG-DR Program participants can request this form from program staff, and can submit their RA/RM Request directly to program staff, such as their case manager.

While it is preferable that RA/RM requests be submitted in writing directly to program staff, Reasonable Accommodation Requests may also be submitted through the following contact methods:

Puerto Rico CDBG-DR Program
Attn: Federal Compliance and Labor Standards Division
P.O. Box 21365
San Juan, PR 00928-1365

(787) 274-2527
TTY: 787-522-5950
1-833-234-CDBG / 1-833-234-2324 Toll Free (English and Spanish)