Public Hearings

The Puerto Rico Department of Housing held fourteen public hearings during the public comment period related to the substantial amendment to the Action Plan.

About 600 people attended the hearings held in morning and afternoon sessions in different parts of the Island, as indicated in the table below.

During the hearings, the Housing team presented the Action Plan and offered a summary of the twenty-seven (27) programs included in the substantial amendment. People who attended the public hearings had the option of choosing between making an oral presentation, submitting their comments in writing, and filling out a comment form or questionnaire. The public comment period resulted in a great exchange of information. Over six hundred comments were received during this period. Although the Action Plan does not refer to the names of the proposals, PRDOH evaluated all the submissions and took them into account during the development of the plan. All oral or written comments collected at the public hearings are documented along with the responses to them in the Appendices to the Action Plan.