Public Information Request

As part of our public policy, the Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) aims to maintain transparency in Puerto Rico’s recovery processes after Hurricanes Irma and María. To that end, PRDOH has developed guidelines so that any person or entity can have access to information related to activities carried out with CDBG-DR funds, while protecting the confidentiality of the information requested. PRDOH’s goal is that every person can stay informed by following a uniform process to obtain public information regarding the management of the CDBG-DR funds and to facilitate the scope of transparency by having a reasonable framework of the steps to follow in order to have access to the information, as requested by the public.

As grantee, PRDOH is responsible of making sure that all public information requests (PIRs) are addressed within a reasonable time frame. Whenever possible, PIRs will be answered within ten (10) business days upon receipt if submitted by postal or electronic mail or personally at PRDOH headquarters or fifteen (15) business days if it was submitted at any of the PRDOH’s regional offices.

Information Officers designated in compliance with Law No. 141-2019​

  • Lcda. Neyla Lee Ortíz Rosario (DV)
  • Lcda. Ruth N. López Alsina (DV/CDBG-DR)
  • Betzaida Ferrer Díaz (DV)

The minimum information that a PIR Form must contain is:

  • Full name;
  • Physical address; Postal address; and / or email;
  • Telephone number;
  • Signature;
    • If the petitioner is a legal entity, the PIR will also include:
      • The title of the representative of the legal entity; and
      • A certification that the person signing is acting as such.
  • The Division, Department or Area of PRDOH that the petitioner believes has custody of the requested public information, if known;
  • A detailed description of the public information that the petitioner wishes to obtain, examine, or inspect; subject to payment of the applicable fees;
  • Format in which the petitioner wishes to obtain public information; be it hard copy or electronic.

The PIR Form may be submitted to PRDOH through the following methods:

In person, at the PRDOH headquarters located at:

606 Barbosa Avenue,606 Barbosa Avenue,
Juan C. Cordero Dávila Building,
Río Piedras, PR 00918.

Or in person, at any of the PRDOH’s regional offices throughout the Island.

By postal mail:

Puerto Rico Department of Housing,
CDBG-DR Legal Division,
P.O. Box 21365 San Juan, P.R. 00928-1365

Or by email:


By filling out the PIR Form

*Countless public documents are published on the CDBG-DR website. What you want to request may already be available on our page, so we encourage you to review the different sections and information published for your convenience.​​