Allocation: $2.6MM

Through a competitive process, transformative projects will be identified that provide a significant benefit through risk reduction by addressing critical lifelines and benefiting a substantial number of Puerto Rican citizens.

The application period was open until April 28, 2023.


The Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) will implement the Infrastructure Mitigation Program (IMP), with the purpose of identifying transformative projects that provide a significant benefit through risk reduction by addressing critical lifelines and benefitting a crucial number of Puerto Rican citizens through the development of infrastructure while promoting innovative and sustainable solutions. The IMP Program has allocated approximately $2.6 billion in CDBG-MIT funding to cover the costs of infrastructure projects. From the IMP Program allocation approximately $1 billion will be reserved for the Competitive Application.

PRDOH opened the Competitive Application process for Infrastructure projects on October 31st , 2022 until April 28th, 2023.

Interested eligible entities may submit their projects for consideration and evaluation by PRDOH. Projects will be evaluated on their eligibility in accordance with the CDBG-MIT requirements, the range of benefits to the community, the stage of development, alignment with Program priorities, and how they address identified risk mitigation needs, among other aspects. Each project will receive a score based on its evaluation, and projects with higher scores will have a greater chance of being selected for funding.


Program Guidelines (V5.0) -- Published 12/04/2023Download
CDBG-MIT Benefit Cost Analysis Guidelines (V2.0) -- Published 07/10/2023Download
Operations and Maintenance Plan Guide (V1.0) -- Published 08/12/2022Download

    PRDOH has identified needs associated with the critical lifelines that will be considered as priority when evaluating projects and awarding funds for their development. Projects submitted must have a major positive impact on the community and must promote infrastructure resiliency. Examples of important projects could include proposing power and other utilities redundancy for critical facilities such as primary hospitals and airports or developing self-sustaining telecommunications systems that continue to work even after a major natural disaster, among others.

    For additional information related to the Competitive Application process, please review the informative sessions videos and the informative bulletins provided by PRDOH.

    Competitive Application $2.6 billion
    Maximum Award $100,000,000.00


    To be eligible to apply for funds under the Program, Applicants must be one (1) of the following types of entities:

    • Units of general local government/municipalities (including departments and divisions)
    • Government of Puerto Rico Agencies, Authorities, Trusts and Boards
    • Community-Based Development Organizations and private non-profits
    • Non-governmental organization (501c (3)) or other non-profit entities
    • A consortium of any of the above

    The applicant must demonstrate the ability, capacity, skill, and other necessary resources to perform the work or provide the services required, and demonstrate it has the financial resources to ensure on-going operation, maintenance, and fiscal sustainability for the completed project.


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