Newsletter 1

CDBG-DR (“Community development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery”) is an allocation of funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), available when a major disaster is declared and there are significant unmet needs for long-term recovery.

The ACTION PLAN for the initial allocation of $1.5 million was approved on July 29, 2018.
-The Action Plan has dedicates funding in 4 main categories: Housing, Planning, Economic Development and Infrastructure.

Working sessions for these programs have begun with the partners described in the Action Plan: Department of Economic Development and Commerce, Foundation for Puerto Rico, Economic Development Bank, Housing Finance Authority, Planning Board and University of Puerto Rico.

On August 14, 2018 the FEDERAL NOTICE for an additional allocation of $8.22 billion was announced by HUD
-This notice establishes the conditions governing how this allocation of funds may be utilized. The Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) is currently working on a draft substantial amendment of the approved Action Plan to account for the additional allocation, which will be published on our website within 2 weeks.

How can I participate of these funds?

Citizens: Watch carefully for information provided by the Department of Housing. When programs begin, be on the lookout for information on eligibility processes and ways to participate.

Municipal governments: Get informed on which programs municipal governments may participate in. To receive funding, municipalities must follow the procurement guidelines for each program.

Government agencies: May participate under the FEMA match program for permanent improvements through the FEMA 428 program.

Government of Puerto Rico
Department of Housing