(March 1, 2021 – San Juan, P.R.) – In an effort to continue addressing the concerns of municipalities, the Department of Housing hosted different briefings about the programs available under the CDBG-DR funds.

During the entire month of February, Housing served 53 municipalities that participated in this initiative, which was hosted virtually.

“Through these briefings, we’re trying to offer different tools to local governments while also facilitating the processes and answering questions regarding the portfolio of programs under these funds. We’ve also had the opportunity to update incoming mayors on the particular situation of each of their municipalities,” said the secretary of Housing, William Rodríguez Rodríguez.

It should be noted that, beyond the briefings, the chief of the Department of Housing hosted agency team meetings with the Association and Federation of Mayors.

During the Friday briefings, municipalities received orientation regarding the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and its two funds: Disaster Recovery (DR) and Mitigation (MIT).

In addition, Rodríguez Rodríguez said that each mayor received a binder with personalized information on everything that has transpired in the CDBG-DR Program: a program summary and status as it pertains to their municipality, as well as a guide to the program.

The binders also included an introduction, explanation, and information for the CDBG-DR departments that interact with the municipality, as well as an introduction to the portfolio for the programs and a compilation of their documentation.

“The programs under CDBG-DR have a wide scope and are available to support mayors in their recovery projects as a response to the 2017 hurricanes. We thank each of them for their participation and we are always at their disposal to support the Island’s recovery,” concluded the head of Housing.