Allocation: $172,500,000

The program promotes and increases food security throughout the Island. It also improves and expands agricultural production related to economic revitalization and the development of activities.​

Program closed to new applications.


Re-Grow PR Urban-Rural Agriculture program develops greater agricultural capacity and addresses the needs created by Hurricanes Irma and María with a substantial investment of CDBG-DR funds for a wide variety of viable and sustainable agricultural activities.


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    Re-Grow focuses

    Re-Grow focuses on:

    • Promoting and increasing food security across the island.
    • Improve and expand agricultural production related to economic revitalization and sustainable development activities.
    How does the program work?

    The Puerto Rico Department of Housing recognizes that small and medium agricultural businesses need both financial assistance and access to essential services and resources. For this reason, they are responsible for disbursing grants and providing technical assistance to applicants in this industry. For more information here.

    The grants are disbursed directly to eligible applicants to cover the costs accepted by the program. To be part, it is important to complete an online application with all the required information and documentation.

    In addition to providing grants, the program provides a wide range of technical assistance activities across the agricultural sector, giving farmers access to essential services and resources. The objective of the technical assistance is to develop additional capacity in organizations and agencies that strengthen the size of the agricultural sector in Puerto Rico’s economy.

    Who can participate in the program?

    Entities eligible to receive grants and technical assistance through the program will be small and medium agricultural businesses, who must meet the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirement of less than $ 350,000 in gross income. and participate in “Farming Operations” as defined in 7 C.F.R. §1400.3.​

    Also, these small and medium agricultural business eligible for the program can include:​

    • Small and médium agrobusinesses that support the activities and production of small farms and farmers​
    • Small and médium food producers, manufacturers, distributor, or supplier engaged in local food production or distribution​
    • Community bases organizations involved in food production or distribution​
    • Agricultural micro-businesses (5 employees or less)​
    Why is the program important?

    In September 2017, Hurricanes Irma and María produced sustained winds and heavy rains that decimated agricultural production throughout Puerto Rico. These caused the loss of 80% of crops throughout the Island, which currently exacerbates the challenges for food security and agricultural business development. The Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture estimated $780 million dollars in hurricane damage to the economy’s agricultural sector.

    Agricultural capacity and strong food systems are fundamental to the resilience of economies, and as the entire agricultural sector in Puerto Rico was devastated by hurricanes, this program is designed to revitalize, strengthen, and rebuild this industry. The focus on small and medium agricultural businesses further contributes to stabilizing the agricultural professions and organizations associated with the most affected populations. Re-Grow is an integral part of the long-term expansion of jobs in the sector, food security, and contributing to the overall economic recovery of disaster-affected populations.​


    Challenges with urbanization, population migration and land use change will be addressed through agriculture and technological deployment.

    Abused agricultural infrastructure will be improved to withstand future climate uncertainties.

    The program will expose people to agricultural opportunities while helping established producers create employment opportunities across the sector.

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