Allocation: $2.6MM

It will grant strategic projects, which will be identified by direct selection, that demonstrably serve the Most Impacted and Distressed Area (MID).

Public Comment Period of the Environmental Assessment for the Construction of the PR-10 from its Intersection with PR-123 in Utuado to PR-10 en Adjuntas.

Public comment period was from March 19 to April 17, 2024.


The Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PRDOH) will dedicate a budget of up to fifty percent (50%) of the $2.6 billion in the Infrastructure Mitigation Program funds that are not reserved for set aside programs. This approximate $1 billion will thus be reserved for the direct selection of strategic projects that demonstrably serve the Most Impacted and Distressed (MID) area, which has been defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as the entirety of Puerto Rico.

This strategic investment of critical mitigation funds adheres to HUD objectives in the Federal Register, 84 FR 45838, including but not limited to the following:

  • CDBG–MIT funds represent a unique and significant opportunity for grantees to use this assistance in areas impacted by recent disasters to carry out strategic and high-impact activities to mitigate disaster risks and reduce future losses.
  • Through this allocation for mitigation, HUD seeks to: Support data-informed investments in high-impact projects that will reduce risks attributable to natural disasters, with particular focus on repetitive loss of property and critical infrastructure;
  • HUD recognizes that grantees may seek to use CDBG–MIT grants to implement large, transformative infrastructure projects that will provide long-term benefits and strengthen a community’s resilience to future hazards.


Program Guidelines (V5.0) -- Published 12/04/2023Download
CDBG-MIT Benefit Cost Analysis Guidelines (V2.0) -- Published 07/10/2023Download
Operations and Maintenance Plan Guide (V1.0) -- Published 08/12/2022Download

    Notice of intent to adopt a final environmental impact statement for PR-10 Highway Project to complete the segments between Utuado and Adjuntas.

    Thus, in alignment with HUD, PRDOH defines strategic projects as projects that are large-scale, transformative in nature and will create positive, cascading benefits to community lifelines for a large portion of the population within the MID area. Strategic projects are selected as a result of stakeholder engagement and/or referred to the Program by the Central Government in alignment with public policy and researched mitigation goals that pertain to the MID area.

    Strategic Proyects $1 billion
    Maximum Award $600,000,000.00


    To be eligible to apply for funds under the Program, Applicants must be one (1) of the following types of entities:

    • Units of general local government/municipalities (including departments and divisions)
    • Government of Puerto Rico Agencies, Authorities, Trusts and Boards
    • Community-Based Development Organizations and private non-profits
    • Non-governmental organization (501c (3)) or other non-profit entities
    • A consortium of any of the above

    The applicant must demonstrate the ability, capacity, skill, and other necessary resources to perform thework or provide the services required, and demonstrate it has the financial resources to ensure on-going operation, maintenance, and fiscal sustainability for the completed project.