The commitment of the CDBG-DR/MIT Programs to the subrecipients is to provide them with the necessary tools and training so that their participation is effective and in compliance, for the benefit of the Island's recovery.

Ayuda al subrecipiente


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The templates available on this page are a tool to help you complete a Section 3 Plan and comply with HUD requirements by being a subrecipient of the CDBG-DR/MIT Programs.

Subrecipients Plan

Subrecipients who need to submit their Quarterly Report can use this link. It is important to do so in a timely manner in order to be in compliance with HUD and the CDBG-DR/MIT Programs.

Quarterly Report

As part of the commitment of being a subrecipient of the CDBG-DR/MIT Programs, it is essential to complete and submit the Quarterly Report and the effort documentation template of Section 3.


Davis Bacon

Davis Bacon Subrecipient Handbook

The purpose of this DBRA Subrecipient Handbook is to guide the staff of subrecipients receiving an award from the Puerto Rico Department of Housing under the CDBG-DR/MIT Programs in complying with the provisions of the DBRA so that they can properly implement them.

Davis Bacon Forms

Subrecipient Davis Bacon Checklists

Enterprise Woman/Minority MWBE

This page contains information regarding the PRDOH policy and tools available to fulfill Minority and Women Business Enterprise Participation in federal contracting opportunities with CDBG-DR/MIT.

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The following section outlines open and closed procurement opportunities under the CDBG-DR/MIT funds.

The following section outlines the bid notices of open and closed procurements made by subrecipients under the CDBG-DR funds.


Written Agreements

The following section describes the agreements that have materialized under the CDBG-DR Funds.


The Subrecipient Agreement (SRA) is the basis for the contractual obligations between PRDOH and the Subrecipient.


Procurement is a multi-step purchasing process for acquiring goods, services, or works from potential sources. Grantees, in this case, PRDOH, can use their own procurement procedures as long as they reflect applicable state and local laws and regulations.


Once a Subrecipient executes a Subrecipient Agreement and commences the implementation of program activities, it is important to maintain good record keeping of financial transactions through the life of the contract.

URA (Uniform Relocation Assistance)

Procurement is a multi-step purchasing process to acquire goods, services, or works, from potential sources. Recipients, in this case PRDOH, may use their own procurement procedures as long as they reflect applicable state and local laws and regulations.


Do you want to report any known or suspected acts of fraud, waste, abuse, or misappropriation of CDBG-DR/MIT funds?